‘Something Silver, Something Black’ born in Sarajevo, Bosnia, is a personal psychological exploration of post-war trauma, following the events of the war from 1992-1995.

I was drawn to this project after a vacation in Mostar – a southern Bosnian city – enlightened me to a series of events involving Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia. Much of the city holds visible scars scattered across the buildings and painted on its streets, these wounds act as a consistent reminder to its people of what happened. I asked myself why did I, and many others my age, not know more about this place?

  As part of my final year at university, I gave myself 40 days and nights to learn more about this beautiful place and its people. Through a series of interviews conducted throughout January & February 2020 in the heart of Sarajevo, Bosnia, I gathered pertinent insight - a collection of stories - about the conflict, the way the country was healing and the repercussions the war had for the next generation. Whilst I was there, I met compelling individuals whom shared their part with me, taught me to disregard any preconceptions I had arrived with, and to be open to a truth that could only be found within the city itself. I used these stories to interpret the land from a personal perspective; to see the small things, the fleeting moments, the permanent stains. I wanted to show that their words and pain resonated with me, and to use this energy to further examine a conflict which feels as though – almost thirty years later – its consequences are still yet to be uncovered.
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